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definitely have confidence to

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heart, he was definitely have confidence to fight back." Locker room, Liu Wei look dignified.Of course, the Sharks played back is not without hope. Guangdong now with this team compared to four years ago, the strength decreased, the Shanghai team there was a fight, but there are also risks. Captain Liu Wei played 41 minutes with 19 pnike zoom hyperchaos price   oints, the performance is beyond reproach, but it also exposed the Sharks had depth enough. In addition to Liu Wei, Cai Liang, Dolby, Jackson's playing time down in 40 minutes, which is the team's physically demanding. After re-Yong coaching, playing fewer people playing, facing playoff high intensity combat, the main players in the physical worrying."The next away game though, we still have a chance, take a low profile Qupin Guangdong, believe in miracles happen!" Liu said.Fortunate. "Yesterday the locker room after the game, the Guangdong team," Big Brother "Yi ankle wrap with ice packs, dished out the word.As China's most powerful basketball center, Yi Jianlian play is not very good last night: 12 shots in a first half, plus two free throws into. Until the end of the second period, the provisional, his first ball was put into cold feel is evident. "The last half-court play so bad when , I do not remember, I'm afraid never had it!" Here, Yi Jianlian and he laughed.And Yi Jianlian "cold" Correspondingly, the big sharks "hot." Last night the first section of the large foreign aid Jackson scored 16 points on a person, whom the audience heroics let boil. Captain Liu Wei and Dolby have difficulty scoring, fast-break play fast. Zhang Zhaoxu, Cai Liang and other Lord of blue-collar players motivated, almost all of them have the ball, there are blocks with a dunk. From the first half, both the momentum of the game, or the team's overall play, the Shanghai team are stronger than the opponent, almost pressing the Guangdong team in the fight."Yi is the case, how or 



overtake it " Reporter aside fans wondered. Yi's "cold", which is now out of this experiment the "big sharks" real strength of fineness. Acting coach Wang Yong said after the game, "the playoffs can not make mistakes, especially in Guangdong treat, a little mistake, the audience all the waste of effort. Guangdong grasp the opportunities better than us." Indeed, last night, no big chances Guangdong team Sharks much, but puts all the opportunities they converted into points.Sharks offensive and defensive ends are Ganpin Ganqiang, players also paid a one hundred percent effort. A cavity blood is there, but less delicate and calm. Shanghai men's basketball audience than the opponent six turnovers, it is these mistakes ruined the good situation. In fact, the Sharks missing is the temperament of the Guangdong team, nike lebron 10 for sale   teams must have a habit, this habit, to ensure the rational and stable team."Under a state certainly not the case." Yi said. Yi Jianlian is obviously not always count on the cold, big sharks in order to return to the source of deep, must also "cold" up. The cold is the calm. Beijing February 20, 2014, NBA regular season to continue. Warriors refused to reverse, away to 101-92 win over Kings. Section Warriors game was leading 15 points, but the final section but 1 point behind, but relying on the margins of a wave of 15-5 offensive, the Warriors still locked victory. Curry scored 13 points and eight assists data.Both teams have just experienced a big deal. King sent Thornton to give the Nets and Terry Evans, warriors and horses are still sent Baez Moore - Brooks, get Blake, but these players are not playing. Meanwhile, the two teams are missing starting center Andrew Bogut warriors and kings Cousins are unable



 to play because of injury.Baez Moore was away for the Warriors have a great touch, although he played less time, but it is the team's pistachios, by coaches and players alike. Every time the Warriors play the beautiful game, Baez bench waving a towel Moore always the most awesome player. "When our teams dream has just begun, he would team up in this." Warriors coach Mark - Jackson said.Warriors David Lee 23 points and 11 rebounds, Thompson 18 points and five assists, 10 points off the bench    nike zoom soldier 6 price    3 assists. King Guy 16 points and eight rebounds, four assists and three blocked shots, a small thorn assassin Thomas 26 points, seven assists, five rebounds Landry 9 points, 18 points off the bench Xiaoteluo.Warriors 8-0 start, Thompson led the way to win one of 6 points. Landry jumper for the king to break the deadlock, after a wave of climax catch 9-11. Warriors wave of orgasm again opened to a double-digit lead 24-14, King scored four points to continue catching. When the first section, the Warriors 30-26 lead four minutes.Second half of the king before the holiday but also to maintain, at 8 minutes 19 seconds when Fredette hit a layup, only four points behind Kings 35-39. Thompson and Crawford two will jointly angry, the climax of a wave of 12-2 re-opened. King never betray continue hot pursuit, the end of the first half, the Warriors 59-50 lead nine minutes.David Lian 4 points, Andre Iguodala hit a layup, the Warriors lead to 15 points. King scored five points, another wave chase began. Jermaine O'Neal still eat at 4 minutes 01 seconds technical foul, Thomas free throws, just four points behind Kings 67-71. Warriors scored four points, Outlaw hit three-pointers, Thomas scored six points, ahead 76-75 entering the final king 


he Nets will chase the score

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Nets, with 8-0 offensive, the Nets will chase the score 36-40. Between the two teams competing for the second half of the Festival has become more intense, killing both of you come to me bitterly, Sir With Marvin - nike zoom kobe 7 for sale    Williams' three free throws at the end of the first half to 56-48 lead.The second half, the Jazz have been in control of the pace of the field, once extended the lead to 13 points. After a pause back, Johnson, one chopped seven points, including two three-pointers, the Nets with a wave of 20-6 spurt at the end of three games, the Nets will go-ahead score to 75-74.Nets to a wave of open distal 9-4 offensive contention, the Nets to 84-78 lead. Jazz all the soldiers did not back down, pointer with 6 minutes 54 seconds to tie it at 84 level. Under the leadership of Livingston, New Jersey and a wave Bong 15-5 spurt pointer with 2 minutes 11 seconds, the Nets re-established 10-point advantage. Jazz did not give up, even after 6 minutes, to chase the score 95-99. Rely on Brac, Johnson and Deron stable free throws, eventually Nets beat the Jazz 105-99. Rocket has already made it clear that Harden, Howard and Parsons are "not for sale", while the media seems to be able to bid farewell to Asik, the Rockets will most likely need to catch Jeremy Lin. Article compiled as follows:After the news source said the Rockets intend to introduce Rondo, however, because the Celtics hope to get Parsons in terms of trading, resulting in lack of progress in negotiations between the parties. It is reported that, in order to be able to get Rondo Rockets are willing to send future draft picks in addition to outside, but also can catch like Beverly, Motiejunas and other young players as a bargaining chip.For the Rockets, despite their intention to get Rondo, but from the above situation, they did not want to do this to let go off the high cost of Parsons. News source said the rocket has already made it clear that Harde



n, Howard and Parsons are the team's current "not for sale."Undoubtedly, Harden and Howard rocket current core players, but Parsons is the team so far this season, the Rockets third-leading scorer. Although the season is only Parsons came into the league's third season, but it seems a lot of people in the industry, Parsons has the potential to become a star player.For the Rockets, despite doing well so far this season, but with the trade deadline approaching, they also hope to improve the way the transaction lineup configuration to make a difference in the playoffs. Earlier news source said Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has been seeking "home run" type of deal.In an interview, Murray had said, hoping to introduce a star player for the team, of course, want to accomplish this goal, the rocket can be by way of trade, or through internal mining. From the previous situation, in a rocket squad, Asik in trade rumors is one of the players appeared in the higher frequencies.Since Howard joined the Rockets, Asik on the team expressed their willingness to trade, but as time goes on, Asik Today's transaction value, decreased compared to before, and now you want to rocket through the sale of A alone Sigg exchange for good chips, may be difficult to achieve this goal.Of course, there may   vibram fivefingers jaya uk be for the Rockets away Asik, so catch Jeremy Lin. Earlier including the Knicks and other teams have and Jeremy came over the "scandal." So far this season, Jeremy Lin has a decent play, averaged 13.3 points and 4.5 assists sent. It is worth mentioning that the Rockets Motel Yunus has said that if we can get a good chip, then Morey would consider trading the team most people.Wait for you to come back next week! "Source of deep gym, cries another. Shanghai men's basketball last night at home to the Guangdong team lost to 91 than 95, temporarily to 1-0 behind three wins in five games made the playoffs. 



Sharks to the next Guangdong "two even off" in order to get at least a win battles back home, it's really a bit difficult.Black Badu forwardShanghai team took eighth regular season, have to say, most of the fans to enjoy, and to the number of the busiest arena. Although the working day yesterday, a source of deep Stadium is packed, the fans is to help the Sharks to create a "black eight miracle."One hour before the opening, more than 20 security personnel busy bloom, the gate had to split long lines for admission. "The last fight Guangdong likewise." Security captain Wang Zhongxi said.After the game, such as the Shanghai team captain Liu Wei said, "the two sides presented a very good game." Unfortunately, once the Shanghai team in a great situation, be defeated opponents terrible patience and stability, not to win it field is most likely to win the game.Dolby afraid DianshaFinal moments, big sharks catching the score to 2 points behind last task to cast Dolby. But the former "scoring machine" hesitant blind shots, so that failure clinches. "In fact, on this opportunity, the Dolby choice is definitely wrong. Win, after all, does not depend on one person." Liu said.Yesterday, the Shanghai team array performance of the most popular is the foreign aid Jackson, he scored a strong 33 points and 14 rebounds in the data. This makes a lot of people puzzled: how not Dolby Dolby had said before the game: "I hope very touched Guangdong." It also stems from his resentment and Guangdong team has always been. You know, crashed out of the playoffs twice before Dolby, all thanks to the gift of Guangdong Province. Dolby has been taken into account in Guangdong who got 53 vibram fivefingers jaya sale   points in the finals over the highest, Shanghai fans are looking forward to his outburst. However Dolby 6 of 13 shots last night was 17 points, well below the average of such data season. Dolby was Jackson snatched the limelight, but we are more a feeling that he was a bit timid.Me and you winShanghai team playoff encounter 3-0 out yet  "When the front as well, so many fans in the call, so the sound is from the 


the left corner of the 3-point

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 the left corner of the 3-point line position, Beverly Tupofenqiu, Parsons bayan hit, then back to attack the Lakers, Farmar pass to a teammate, was wary of rich handsome one-off, the direct train staged a fast-break dunk,nike zoom kobe 7 system    he chopped 5 points for the Rockets morale, while  and Beverly salary continued to hold fire, after scoring two rockets with 1 minute 32 seconds to complete a wave of 9-0, the Lakers 10 points to lead 32-22 end of this section. Spurs away to Portland. Cruised the first half, the Spurs 51-52 behind. Both Duncan and LaMarcus Aldridge campaign truce, Split comeback, Lillard 11 points and four assists, Marco Belinelli 12 points.Split comeback campaign, unveiled layup, Lillard timely response, Lopez scored four points, Wright shot in the third, the Blazers 10-5 start. Diaw scored four points, Wright long shot again, the Spurs four points behind. After Dior layup and then grabbed offensive rebounds, and Lillard two free throws to stabilize the morale ,17-11. Spurs attack ineffective, sudden strong Ginobili hit 3 succeeded, Mills and Marco Belinelli has meritorious deeds, the first section of the Spurs still 18-24 behind.Mills hit consecutive shots, Ginobili icing on the cake, but unfortunately Matthews and Williams ferocious firepower, the Spurs are still lagging behind. Mills feel hot scored four points, led the team to 6-0 wave of attacks, tenacious will be sent out to 2 points. Matthews third of eight minutes and 31 seconds when the ball hollow network, Green and Marco Belinelli scored six points together, the two sides battle into 35 levels. Split two free throws, Wright carom, Lillard scored the first 11 points, Green and Dior even in the third, the Spurs first half 51-52 behind. Beijing on



 February 20, Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve - Blake was traded to the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for a pair of bench scoring defender Matthew Shang - Brooks and Kent - after Baez Moore, Blake get trading news Baigan intersection."Emotions mixed together." Blake said after hearing the transaction, Blake was already ready to warm up wearing workout clothes, put on civilian clothes after hearing the news can only be returned to the locker room."For me, the most sad is that family, I have a wife and three kids, and now I need to go to the Warriors left four months, which is the hardest part to accept." Said Blake, Blake joined the Lakers in 2010 , is the team except Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol third longest validity players.Speaking 31 wins and 22 losses in the Golden State Warriors, Blake called a very good team, but for his own role in positioning the future warrior is not clear. Blake admitted thatnike zoom soldier 6 for sale    the Lakers miss time, "I like it here, we love living here, like the school, as well as the fans always support us, Los Angeles is the best place I spent the next if they miss me I would definitely consider coming back again. "Blake annual salary of four million dollars this year, the contract expires in the summer. Teammate Nick - Young was difficult to accept for the transaction, Nick Young happy that he came out and asked us: "What happened " Lakers public relations officer was pulled aside. Nick Young Blake asked: "Do you go man " Blake nodded, Nick - Young looked very depressed. Beijing on February 20, NBA regular season continues, the rocket away to the Lakers, the Lakers just to Blake and "Brother Sharp" Jordan - Hill Trading walking truce Gasol, the Lakers Canzhen deal with the Rockets, team



s start a battle.Race to the second section there are 5 minutes and 31 seconds, the stadium occurred magical scene, when Johnson and Marshall's 3-point jump shot has helped the Lakers will recover as the score 36-46 will be sent out to 10 points, followed by Kaman offensive The Lakers are expected to further help reduce the points difference, he hit back Motiejunas, turned hook, the position of the basket in the collision zone of reasonable direct shot, but did not think Howard fill up the basket from the left, his shot at the moment, off directly from the air, caught the ball directly under the cap this in mind frantically grasping demoralized the Lakers, and this is the third large-cap Howard of the game. Trailed by 13 points at a disadvantage, the Nets finally complete reversal, the road to 105-99 win over the Jazz, jazz three-game winning streak to an end. After the campaign, the two sides played against all the regular season ends, the final completion of the Nets to a 2-0 season sweep of the Jazz.Four specific scores for (former Nets) :21-28 ,27-28 ,27-18 ,30-25. Nets: Johnson 27 points, Deron - Williams 19 points and seven assists, 25 points Brac. Jazz: Marvin - Williams 12 points, 18 points and 10 rebounds Kantor, Burke 14 points and 10 assists, Burks 23 points.Pierce shot up on the outside in a recordnike lebron 10 uk    three-pointers, all the soldiers fighting at home is not a sign of weakness, Burke have been on the outside shot two thirds, jazz obtain 8-3 start. Deron one chopped 6 points, Johnson and Kevin Garnett also icing on the cake, after a wave of attacks 16-7, leading the Nets to 19-15. Critical moment, Burke once again come forward with a record pointers offensive blocking the Nets, by virtue of a 13-2 spurt at the end of the first jazz to 28-21 lead.Second section, jazz is still fierce offensive firepower, once to extend the lead to 12 points. Trey Johnson rekindle all the soldiers fighting the 

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